Mirror Protection Guarantee

Welcome to our Mirror Protection Guarantee an exclusive insurance offer that gives you peace of mind when you purchase one our Mirrored Lip Liner Cases. We understand that accidents can happen, and a damaged mirror can be frustrating. That's why we've introduced this innovative program to ensure your beauty experience remains flawless.

Here's how our Mirror Protection Guarantee works
  1. Opt for extra protection: When you purchase a mirrored lip liner case from us, you'll have the option to add our Mirror Protection Guarantee which can only be exercised once per guarantee you purchase. With our Mirror Protection Guarantee, you can confidently use your lip liner case without fear of mirror damage. If your mirror gets scratched or breaks, simply let us know by emailing us at info@astcass.com with the subject line "Mirror Protection Guarantee". Make sure you include your order number, name and picture/video of the damaged mirror.

  2. Hassle free replacement: If you want to exercise your guarantee and it meets our terms of service, we'll swiftly replace your damaged lip liner case with a brand new one, free of charge. No need to worry about additional costs or hassle, we've got you covered 

Please note that the Mirror Protection Guarantee is subject to specific terms and conditions, and we encourage you to review the details. These can be located in the "Terms of service" section 21.